Monday, September 17, 2012

I found the CN Tower!

So, I know I said I'd post photo's from Taipei. Sorry! I have them, so let's go!

Taipei was ok. We had never even thought about going there before, so I had no idea what to expect or what to do. But, I found us a nice hotel for a really good price. We had a really nice flight over, too. Flew on China Airlines and it was really comfy. The food was excellent and it was a smooth flight. We left late, though. Grabbed lunch in Narita (a turkey sammich) and found the traditional Arashi member ad.

So, we landed about 2 hours late. And we landed in a thunder storm. Oh well. When we got to our room, I took a few photos. We had the Business Suite, and it was lovely. The bathroom was bigger than our rooms at BH! And it had a jet tub, too. Oooh~ <3
We made a quick stop to the conbini and bought a couple snacks. I got a really good cold coffee and some cute Pokemon star snack things.
The next day we went to the National Palace Museum. The exhibits were nice and there was a big exhibit on jewelery. They had traditional Chinese area, but most of it was dedicated to Cartier! It was lovely! I wish we could take photos, but it was nice.
That night we went to Miramar, which is like a big mall/entertainment area. We walked around and got dinner at a dim sum restaurant. It was nice and they gave us a LOT of food! Like, wow. And then we stopped off for a quick drink at Starbucks. Caramel Macciatto~ Yum. <3
And then we hopped onto the massive ferris wheel. It was really pretty! My camera still won't take nice photos, but I tried!
And then, on our last full day we went to the Taipei101 building. It used to be the tallest building in the world. There's a 5 floor mall leading up to floor 6 with the elevator. We got in line to go up and David said to me that he hoped there would be ice cream on the top floor. I said, probably not. The elevator going up was really fast! Like, up to floor 89 in 45 seconds fast! It was neat! And the view was incredible!
And you know what we found up there?
Yep. True story. So, they actually let people go outside on the 90th floor! And they had murals of other tall buildings. I found the CN Tower!
We went for a walk around the shopping malls in the area after that and found an interesting ad for vodka.
After that, we hopped back for a quick nap then we walked over to the Night Market. It was basically like an outside Pacific Mall. Nothing too exciting. And it was expensive! So, we didn't buy anything. Lol.
The flight back to Japan was nice. Quite smooth and it was really nice to be back in Japan. We got through customs ok and here we are~

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