Friday, May 17, 2013

So big that I took a screenshot of my ipod for some random reason.

Not much going on this week~ I'm currently sick with a cold that just refuses to go away. I had to wear a mask the past two days at work. Not a sexy look, but don't wanna infect the kiddos. ...Although, I think it was one of them who gave it to me... Oh well.
Everyone wears masks in Japan when they're sick. Also during major allergy season. You'll go on a train and half the people on it will be wearing masks at any given time. True story. I had to master the art of wearing the mask without fogging up my glasses. That took a bit of time to work out so it covered my nose and mouth but not my eye and whatnot. Gah. It's easier to wear in the warmer weather, that's for sure. In the winter it was like insta-fog no matter what I did. Hahaha.

So, we were shopping a few days ago and I noticed that there were a few average sized watermelons for sale at the grocery store. I took a look at the price and holy crap! $30 for a watermelon of average proportions! Ridiculous! Looks like we won't be having watermelon again this year~
Oh, and the 10th was a big day! So big that I took a screenshot of my ipod for some random reason.
But no, legit. The 10th was my first payday! Woooooo!!! It felt so freaking good to get a paycheck again! It was awesome to have my own money! I made more than I anticipated, too, which was nice. So, as a treat, I bought a few new pieces of clothing, I bought David a new computer as a late birthday present and I ordered a magazine from Amazon, too. I saw it when I was in Tokyo with Yenni. She's a Cumberbabe like me and pointed the magazine out to me when we were shopping. So, I made a mental note to order it from Amazon the next time I made an order. Wooo~
Lots of glossy photo goodness. Woo~ I've also started going to the local Starbucks again more regularly. I've made friends with Azusa, one of the baristas. She's a sweetie. She likes to practice her English with me, which I think is cool. A few days ago I went in and ordered the tiramisu frappuccino and then asked for her おすすめ or recommendation for a snack to go with it. I ended up with a warm glazed donut, with whipped cream and caramel on it. Yummm~

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