Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wow. Ok, I didn't need to know that, thanks.

On my first day back from Tokyo, David was off, so we went out for dinner. It was really nice~ I had missed him a lot while I was away. We decided to eat that this bakery restaurant in Aeon. They have a bread buffet which is included with your meal. Heaven~~~~ We both got the dinner set which included a started salad and drink bar. I got the beef stroganoff and it was sooo good~ Yummm! And I ate a crap ton on bread too, since it was included and I love bread.
So, on the 21st we had an Easter Party event for my school. Families could sign up to attend if they wanted. It was on the Sunday right after my Tokyo trip~ I was excited to get back to work, but nervous since I'd never done an event like this before with this school. Midori had sent me an email the night before asking if I could get to the school for 8:15am. Which meant, I was up and on the train at 7:13am. Ouch. It was a reeeeally early morning! And to make it worse? It was snowing. Like, reeeeally snowing! The chunks of snow flying out of the sky were huuuuge! It was insane!
After the party, I took some pictures of the my school, since some people were asking for them. It's seriously like stepping back into a kindergarden class! I mean that in the best way, of course~ I actually squealed when I saw the Clifford poster the first time. (Chiga and Midori laughed at me. Hahaha.)
On Monday I went to work for my first preschool class sans Mike. It went pretty well. I get along with all the other teachers and the kids are mostly pretty good~ David had packed me lunch (and he packed me lunch all week!) which I thought was adorable. My week went pretty well. Baba-sensei brought us all in coffee jelly on Thursda, which was really nice! I've actually never tried it, so it was neat! I ended up meeting David in Sendai on our way home that night and grabbed a coffee while I waited.
Aside from that snowy weirdness last weekend, it's been all lovely weather! It was so clear a few days ago that I could see the roads on the mountains. They're still snow covered, though~
So, on Saturday I went to the dentist. I was debating going, since I'm suffering from a cold. It's not bad, just a runny nose, but I wasn't sure if I should still go. David convinced me to keep my appointment and when I got there Utako-sensei gave me a lecture about going to the dentist when you're sick. But, since I wasn't puking or feverish we decided to plunge ahead. Now, on the upper left side of my mouth, my back molar had a massive cavity. It didn't hurt me or bother me at all, but I knew that one day I'd need to get a root canal. It was just too damn big to fill. And apparently Utako-sensei decided Friday was the day to do it. I had no warning! She just said she was gonna take a look and then she was telling me about injections and whatnot.

Now, the injections thing was funny. There I was, lying pseudo-upsidedown in the chair and she announced that she was going to start giving me injections. She gave me three. The first went into the front gum, then the back on the roof of my mouth. She informed me that the back one might hurt but it didn't. More a pinch than anything. And then she paused and asked me to make a fist and wiggle my feet. I gave her a confused look, but did as I was told. While I did that she asked me if my pulse felt elevated or if I felt queasy or anything. When I answered that I felt fine she told me to just keep breathing and if I felt sick to raise my left hand so she could call an ambulance. Thanks~ That's exactly what I wanna hear. So, the third injection went right into my tooth, apparently. Don't know how, but ok. And she made sure to inform me that this one had to be done suuuuuper sloooooow. If she just shot it all in at once it would cause me heart palpitations or whatnot and I might have a reaction. Wow. Ok, I didn't need to know that, thanks. So, for about 3 minutes while she's pushing this in, she's asking me to wiggle my hands and feet and breathe and is my pulse normal and do you feel ok and oh, nervousness if fine and let me know if you need an ambulance ok we're done rinse please.


It was intense. So, anywho, she started drilling my tooth away and I have to say that it's the worst smell on the planet. Like burnt spaghetti mixed with cinnamon dolce syrup then burned more. Horrid. This whole time I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. Utako-sensei kept asking me if I was ok and she kept saying that I was doing exceedingly well for a first time root canal-ee. She actually took out the nerve/root whatever without me even noticing. It was crazy. The injections didn't really numb my face, though. It felt like everything in that area was tightened and heavier. Weeeird. Anywho, after all that things got better. She ground down for a while, then announced that she was going to fill it with some yellowish medicine and stopper it with some plastic filling thing and that next time she'd fill it properly, barring any crazy infection. Anywho, she prescribed me some painkillers just in case I felt anything later and sent me on my merry way. And the total cost? 2,400yen for that visit + the medication. Cheeeap~

After getting home that afternoon, I didn't really have any pain. David had wanted to go see Iron Man 3 that night, but when I went to go meet him after work we discovered that the movie wasn't playing at the time we originally thought! It suuucked. And also and this point I was starting to suffer from a bit of a heasdache. So, David indulged me and I grabbed a Starbucks drink. The current seasonal drink is Tiramisu which was yummy! The girls at the Bux all said hello and seemed happy to see me, since I hadn't been in in about 2 months. I told them about my new job and the asked how I'd been. They're so sweet in there~
On our way home we passed by a display of razors. It seems that Schick is teaming up with Evangelion again for their marketing. I snapped a photo, since Angel and Jake would get a kick out of it, and made a mental note to pick up a pack for Jake when I get paid. (They had special figures included as gifts.) And the promo art is hilarious for people who've seen the anime. Gendou, the dude in the front, just looks so damn weird with that smile and the spikey hair. Hahaha. It's hilarious.
So, on Saturday, we finally went and saw Iron Man 3. It was reeeeally good! I liked it! I won't post any spoilers, but Stan Lee's cameo was hilarious and the ending 'teaser' was pretty funny. It was weird, though~ David and I laughed at a bunch of parts and the other people in the theatre didn't really laugh at all. Like, when we saw Stan Lee we burst into giggles and everyone else was silent. And there's parts that are like serious, but are funny thanks to Tony diffusing the tension and no one would laugh! It was strange, but I guess some things don't translate well into Japanese or whatever. Anywho, when I bought our tickets they were having a promo and gave me free folders as a gift. Score~
Oh, and just for giggles David and I picked up some Dragon Ball Z pops recently. David only grabbed a can because I told him to, but he didn't wanna drink it. So, I drank both. And both were disappointing. The Coke Zero was pretty bad and the Cider tasted like carbonated banana medicine. Yick. At least the cans were cool~


  1. We lived on Starbucks for breakfast, kinds counterproductive when I'm in a foreign counter to eat western breakfast.

    1. I find that we eat a lot of western foods, only because David hates rice. Hahaha. I've been bad and been going to Starbucks a lot lately, but I just love going. As a former Starbucks barista, it's nice to be in that setting, even if I'm on the opposite side of the counter. <3