Wednesday, May 29, 2013

David and I are coming home for Christmas!!!

Well, I'm still alive. Nothing really exciting has been happening, so I haven't had much to write about. We did picnics all last week at work for our preschool kids and that was... fun? The kids really enjoyed it, but it was a bit of a nightmare getting them back to school on time afterwards. Hahaha. So, as such, I'm really glad we're back to our normal routine. The kids are really starting to warm to me, which is nice.

So, I guess Baskin Robbin's is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. David and I went for an ice cream date last week and we both got the special sundaes. They came with a mug to take home, which was nice~ The mugs are quite cute. I got the oreo mint ice cream and David got chopped chocolate. Yum yum~!
At Aeon last weekend they had an Okinawa fair on. There were presentations and I think a raffle or something. And the grocery store was carrying some popular Okinawan foods. They even had サーターアンダーギー (Sata Andagi). It's like an Okinawan donut. Made of flour, eggs and sugar and then fried. Yum~ I was so excited to see it that I bought it right away! When I was in high school, there was an anime where the main characters go to Okinawa and eat it. And it was a funny show, so I'd always wanted to try it. It was pretty good! I'll bet it tastes better fresh out of the oil, so I'mma try it whenever we get down to Okinawa.
A few nights last week I brought home baked goodies on my way home. The first time I brought home fancy cream puffs from Beard Papa's and the other night I brought home chocolate marble bread. I always grab a coffee to go with them~
On Friday I got off work early, so David and I met up in Sendai on our way home. I decided that I wanted to take my wonderful hubby out for dinner, so we decided to try New York Kitchen. It's in the station in the restaurant area downstairs. It wasn't bad. I got omurice and David got hamburger doria. We both got the salad and drink set, too. I might try the pasta next time. The sauce on mine was a little too sweet. XD
Oh, and this was awesome! There's a clothing store I really like in the local Aeon called Axes Femme. It's full of lovely, feminine clothes. There was a tunic I've had my eye on for about 2 months and it finally went on sale! 50% off! Scoooore! So of course I snapped it right up~ The print on the front is pretty.
And, I guess I'll make the announcement now:
David and I are coming home for Christmas!!!
We're gonna buy the tickets as soon as we have the money saved up. (I.e. Probably not until September, since we both need to save from a few paychecks first.) But, I just thought everyone would wanna know. :D

And now, I should check on David. The poor thing has bronchitis. His throat really hurts. He's on like 4 different meds, too. At least he went to the doctors yesterday like I asked him to. Here's hoping he gets better soon.

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  1. Loved getting one of those bean paste buns (dont know their name) or an apple and cheese bun, which they don't do in Australia.. And the mt rainier latte , backpacker food! Wished we had the range of baked goods over here!