Sunday, June 9, 2013

I still say it tastes like it should be yellow.

GAH. David got sick then I did. Most of last week was rather unpleasant due to constant sore throat and coughing, but I survived. I discovered that I really like the caramel macchiatto loaf at Starbucks. Yummm~ I got that and an iced caramel macchiatto recently and Azusa added some whipped cream just for fun. Yay~
Last Friday I ended up having a mini picnic in the park near work. It's a really nice park! We take the kids there everyday as long as it's not raining. I never really had the chance to explore it before then, so I walked around and took some pictures. There's a really nice waterfall/fountain/thing in the middle and I climbed up the stairs to the top to take a look around. It was quite pretty! And then the water flowed off into a mini ravine around one side of the park. I followed that to a cute sitting area set in the middle of a pond. It would be a pretty nice place to take cosplay photos, can't lie~ And then I settled myself down in the grass near the water fountain pond by the subway line. It's so peaceful there. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon!
On the way back home I made a pit stop in Sendai and I passed a cool sign outside of the conbini in the station! Gundam cup noodle! Or something like that~ Ahaha. I didn't buy any. XD
So, the supermarkets still have crazily expensive watermelons in stock and I've been debating the pros and cons of buying one. I just really wanted watermelon! Thankfully, they started selling watermelon cubes at a reasonable price, so I bought that instead. WATERMELONNNN~~~ I have missed youuuuu! It tasted amazing.
On Wednesday my throat hurt so much that I had to call in sick to work. It was awful! I tried to go to a clinic, but the one I normally use was closed! So, I just loaded myself up with vitamin water and throat medication and slept the day away. I felt much better after that. So, on Thursday when I was back at work, I made sure to have loooots of liquids with me. I made a trip to Family Mart on my break and ended up buying some of that green juice I like. I still say it tastes like it should be yellow. But, whatever~ And the bottle had Vocaloid art on it again! So, naturally, I picked up the one that sported Rin and Len on one side. Miku was on the other, but that's not as important. Hahaha.
David and I got curry for dinner recently and they have fans they put out for customers to use if they get to warm in there. David was feeling the heat and ended up using one, but I thought he looked cute, so I snapped a photo.
And yesterday I had a lunch date with Tamsyn~ It was nice! We'd both been so busy that we hadn't gotten together in aaaages! But, we had a nice lunch at Royal Host (kinda like Denny's) and we wandered a bit. Actually, she helped me setup a hair appointment at a salon with English speaking staff. She had been given refer a friend vouchers for this place, so I'm getting a steal. And the head colourist came down to say hello, since she and Tam are friends and she seems like a very nice lady. And she seemed really excited to do my hair. Hahaha. Hopefully the colour will stay better than the store bought stuff! After that, we wandered into Starbucks and just sat with out drinks. We talked about books for a bit and Tam recommended Terry Pratchett books to me. Gonna give them a look sometime in the near future~ We attempted to take a photo, but using an ipod to take a photo in a crowded cafe was a little too difficult. XD
So now, I just need to decide what I wanna do with my hair. Just a trim? Or bangs? Or short? Hmmm~ My appointment is for Saturday, so I guess it gives me time to think.

And also:
Happy 100 posts to me!


  1. Congrats on the big 100!

    And I can also recommend terry pratchet, I've read them all!