Saturday, June 15, 2013

They did them, then they wrapped my head in saran wrap.

Man. This week was awful for using the Sendai Airport Access line. I was late for work on Tuesday and then on Thursday I was almost late again! No idea why, either. It was a little misty, so maybe they were afraid of running something over? Dunno. It was freaking annoying, though. I HAAATE being late and having to call work and announce my impending lateness makes me grate my teeth. GAH. I remembered to take a photo on Tuesday of the crowd that got out at Nagamachi station. It was intense! Everyone was advised to get off the Airport access train and use the city subway service instead. Hence, the mass exodus of the train flooding into the station. It was unreal.
On the bright side, on Tuesday Ai-sensei brought us in some coffee treats! She was off that day and her daughter, Yuka, comes to preschool on her off days. So, when she came to pick up Yuka she told me to 'Have a break!' and gave me a coffee jelly drink. Coffee jelly is kinda weird. It's jelly, suspended in a thick syrup with heavy cream. You shake the carton, and it breaks up the jelly and mixes it with the other stuff in there and drink. I don't think Angel would like it, but it's good. It was super sweet of her to bring it in, though!
On Wednesday I popped out to grab a snack during my 3 hour break. I keep looking for fancy KitKat bars, but I can never seem to find any of the interesting ones. However, I DID find one that day! Cookies and cream KitKat~ It was quite tasty. Add a caramel cafe au lait to it and it was a nice way to spend a break.
After work on Wednesday I popped to the Bux and waited for David. I found an intriguing movie advertisement on my way there! Why hello, Mr. Cumberbatch!
While I was waiting for David, Azusa came over and we had a nice chat. She was asking about my kobo and what books and tv shows I like. Turns out we both watch Big Bang Theory! We had a good laugh about Sheldon. He's her favourite character. I always like chatting with Azusa~ She's so sweet. :)

On my way home from work yesterday I popped into Mister Donut to grab one of their promo donuts. They're doing a collab with Calpis right now, so they have really cute treats. I got one of the soda star donuts. It looks adorable, but the taste wasn't for me. The filling was a bit too tangy for my tastes. Oh well~
Which brings us to today~ I went and got my hair did in Sendai today. I haven't had a proper cut in over a year and my hair was getting pretty bad. Last week Tam gave me a voucher for discounted services at Salon Progress, so I made an appointment for today. I got a cut and colour, which looks quite nice if I do say so myself. I was tempted to go super short and super blonde, but I opted to keep my hair shoulder length and layered and a nice mid brown. It's a little ash-y, but I guess since my name is Ashley, it's ok.
Can't lie, though. It was really funny when they were dying my hair. They did my roots first, since they were pretty bad. They did them, then they wrapped my head in saran wrap. True story. It was ridiculous.
While I was in Sendai I did a bit of shopping. I picked up some new earrings from the Disney Store and I also bought myself a new phone strap. I think the strap is quite cute~ It's a UniBEARsity charm from Disney.
There was an information fair at our Aeon today for the Disney Vacation Club, and it seemed like everyone was milling about. They didn't have any English info, so I just wandered through. The people seemed nice and there was a Mickey statue that everyone was getting pictures of or with.
Oh, I got tickets to see Wicked in Tokyo! Sooooo excited! They're in the mail right now, but that's fine. Super happy! I've always wanted to see this musical~ And even though it'll be all in Japanese, that's a-ok! Can't wait to see the costumes~ *________*

And on that note, gonna go back to my book. I bought a couple books at Maruzen recently. I love my kobo, but it IS nice to have a real book in my hands every once in a while. Anyway~ I figured that since I loved Wicked, I should read the next book. So, I bought Son of a Witch and I am finally reading the Hobbit. I'm just at the part where we meet Beorn right now. Awesome!

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