Friday, September 16, 2011

I'd like to point out the Kis-My-Ft2 banner. (AKA Tokyo Part 2)

Ok, so, after walking around for a bit taking sneaky photos, we stopped at a Starbucks and grabbed a drink. The people were awesome. And my drink was good. Tall dark mocha chip frappuccino blended coffee. Basically, it was a Java Chip frappuccino, but made with dark chocolate. It was fantastic. So, we sat down for a bit, and just chilled. Angel whipped out her iTouch and we watched an episode of MLP while we cooled off. Already by this point it was getting hot. Like, mid-high 20's. At like, 8:30am. You heard me.
We could only stay at the 'Bux for so long, though. So, we decided to talk a walk through Yoyogi park. It holds the Meiji shrine and we paid it a visit. It was huge! When you walk up to the gate, you need to purify yourself. There's a small area to the side with a big fountain and some cups. You wash your hands and then take a sip, rinse your mouth and spit it out. (Not into the fountain, though.) Angel and David just washed their hands, but I totally did the sip thing. Tasted like... water. Go figure~
So, we walked about the shrine complex and we went up and prayed. To pray you're supposed to bring a token money offering. It can even be 1yen, but you should bring something. So, I think I gave 50yen. We clapped our hands twice (to alert the gods to our presence) and prayed for a few moments. Even so early in the morning, there were several people out and about praying and visiting the shrine. We saw shrine maidens too! I didn't take a photo, because I wasn't sure if I was allowed. They were all adorable, though! I didn't get many photos of Meiji Shrine, because I wasn't sure if photos were allowed or if they were frowned upon. I did get one of me, though. Ahaha.
We walked back to Harajuku at this point, since shops would be opening soon. We walked about and did some shopping. It was amazing to actually go INTO the shops that I've only ever browsed online. And it was a very good thing I was broke and without a credit card. I wanted to buy everything from Liz Lisa. I love their clothes. ;___; But, we browsed a bit and I bought a few things.
Why yes, that IS a bow shaped pillow! :D It was too cute for words. And at 399yen, it was pretty cheap. I bought a ring and the earmuffs from Closet Child. And I bought the passcase at Angelic Pretty. The MaruiOne location.

Angelic Pretty~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG. It was amazing. The shop girls were really nice at both La Foret and MaruiOne. It was awesome to shop at the physical store. We could see and feel all the clothes and yeah. We walked about both and went into like every lolita store. Ahahah. It was fantastic!

We got kinda thristy at one point, so we stopped in a cafe at Harajuku. I got an iced caramel latte, David got an orange juice and Angel got an iced cocoa and a strawberry millefeuille dessert. It tasted like a passion flakey! Yummm~ So, after walking about Harajuku and Shinjuku for most of the morning and a bit of the afternoon, we were tiiired. And we had to meet Zoe at the hotel at 3pm, so we hopped the train back to Ikebukuro and met up with her at the hotel.

By this point, I was a zombie. I was sweaty, tired and a bit cranky. I just wanted to sleep and a have a shower. I didn't care in which order. So, we checked in and Zoe was already there in the room to greet us. David and I passed right out, while Angel and Zoe went shopping for an outfit for her date. Slept the rest of the day away and I think we got McDonalds for dinner. Ahaha. I can't remember. Lol.

The next day David and I did our own thing. We decided to go to Shibuya and find the Square Enix store, because I was desperate to find that rare Namine figure. Like, true story. I predicted that when they released a figure of her, it's be her sitting in her chair with the lotus glass around her and with her drawing. And it totally is. And as she's my favourite character in Kingdom hearts, I neeeded that figure. So, we set out for the Squeenix shop.

Shibuya was packed when we left the station! Sooo many people! And they were blasting advertisements for different food companys and music groups and whatnot. It was fantastic!
I'd like to point out the Kis-My-Ft2 banner. They just made their debut and it's an awesome song.
So, being the genius's we are, we forgot to look up the proper address of the Square Enix store! Yeah. Good work team! Not so much. So, we just decided to walk around, confident that we'd eventually find it. AFter walking about for maybe 15 minutes, we came across something almost as good!
The inside of the store was all themed and amazing, too. It had 3 floors! And it was filled with amazingly cute Disney crap. ;________; But, by this point, I was pretty poor, so I didn't buy anything. So, I'll spare you the depressing details, but we walked around Shibuya for about 5-6 hours and found nothing! It made me quite angry. But, oh well. Live and learn.

We popped back to the hotel and Sarah met up with us. We had made plans to go to Ninja for dinner that night. But, seeing as we got there and they didn't have a table for us, we had to wait about 2 hours. Ahaha. So, we popped off to Krispy Kreme and Sarah treated us all to donuts. I hadn't had one of those in aaages and it was amazing! We all ate and laughed and then just puttered around the area a bit. There was a hostess club that caught our attention.
So, we finally got into Ninja at about 8:45 and I think we were there last table of the night. Lol.
 So, we entered the restaurant and the head waiter told us we had to wait for our Ninja guide. She clapped her hands and he appeared out of the wall! Like magic! WOAH! He said hello (in English!) and asked us to follow him through the maze for our Ninja training. He led us through a maze into the back of the restaurant. We got our own private room which was cool.
We ordered our drinks after that. Angel and I both got the apple juice and gingerale option. It had pieces of pear and apple skewered in it. Yummm~
After that we all decided on what to get for dinner. I settled for a Ninja salad and the shrimp tempura and autumn veggies sushi. Yummmm~~~ David got the french onion soup and the blacken sweet and sour pork. The food was really good!
Why yes! That IS gold leaf on top of my salad! Thanks for noticing! 8D And yes~ That is indeed a SALAD! It was an oversized crouton with the salad on the inside. We had to smash it to eat it. The whipped stuff on top was like a soy based dressing. It was really tasty! The sushi was huuuge, I might add! It was like 3 bites per pieces! And sooo good! This is about the point in the program where my batteries died! Ahahaha! Oops!

So, no pictures of my dessert, but I stole a picture of Angel's from Zoe's facebook. Lol. It was called "Piggy" on the dessert menu. And this is what she got.
Cute, eh? It tasted good, too! Mine was pretty. It was a scopp of pumpkin ice cream shaped like a full moon, with whisps of cloud made from whipped cream and there was a chocolate picture frame sticking out from the side. Yummmm. The dessert menu was cool, too. Apparently its a Ninja secret so they guard it carefully. So much so, that they burn it after we order.
Dinner was awesome. And a pretty good price for the service and whatnot. So, after this we had 2 days left. I'll make the final post tomorrow before work since this is already huge. Ahaha.

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