Friday, September 2, 2011

When I got home tonight, though, David was waiting with cake!

So, work is going well. I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable at the desk and I'm starting to remember names of everyone. Megumi and Akiko are the sweetest people in existence. I looove them. And they're both so cute. Michie-san is sweet, too. I love the desk girls.

I've been closing with Megumi the past few nights and we've been chatting when its dead. (Read: most of the night.) She likes dramas too and she loves Tokyo Disney. We were talking about that tonight, actually. A girl and her family came in this evening for dinner at about 7ish. Angel was visiting me to keep me from getting too bored and we both nearly died. This girl, maybe 19, was dressed head to toe in Jesus Diamante. Jesus Diamante, for those who don't know, is a reeeeeeeally expensive clothing brand. It specializes in dresses, flower prints, and bows. Lets put it this way, the outfit she was wearing, probably cost about $1,000. Dress, bolero (cardigan), shoes, headbow, purse and necklace? Yeah~ Easily a grand spent there. AT LEAST. But, she looked adorable. And she was carrying a Shellie Mae bear dressed in an Alice costume with a big blue bonnet! Sooo cute! I wish I had taken a photo! Her brother was there, too. Carrying a Duffy bear dresses in a tux! Awwwwwwwwwww! Oh, Duffy and Shellie Mae are the Disney bears. Ridiculously popular over here. EVERYONE has a Duffy. Like, true story. And you can buy the bear alone or buy outfits for him and Shellie Mae (his girlfriend). The story is that when Mickey decided to go across the world on a trip, Minnie made him a stuffed bear to keep him company. So, Duffy is Mickey's teddy bear. But yeah, aside from that excitement, it was another boring day on the desk. Ahaha. At least I'm getting a lot of reading done!

When I got home tonight, though, David was waiting with cake! Yay!
Kyoko visited and brought cake for David and I! Wasn't that sweet? So, David and I split a piece and gave the other to Angel. It was yummy, too! Pound cake with lemon curd and whipped cream. It was a nice end to the evening. We're allowed to make and drink tea when we work, as long as we keep it in the back office, so I've been drinking apple black tea. It's amazing. I can't believe I ever drank other tea before it. Well, no, but it's really good! That and milk tea. They're both like my new favourite thing ever.

David went to town yesterday and bought us new pillows. Thank gawd. We were each given a pillow when we got here and they're small and lumpy. Yuck. So, he bought us each a new pillow. Mine's amazing, but I dunno. David's is pretty special, too.

Betcha can't guess which one is mine! Ahahaha.

Oh! A few days ago we had a girl named Saki-chan and her mother and sister visit. They're all so sweet! Saki-chan is about 12 I think and her English is really good! We chatted about dramas and k-pop for a little while. Her mum totally has a crush on Nishiwaki-san. It's kinda cute. Ahaha. And they brought us presents! We never get presents on the desk! They brought us each a Hello Kitty candy and they brought us a Japanese sweet. I forgot to get a picture of the Japanese sweet, though. It was like a thin, sweet cake shell with powdered white chocolate filling. It wasn't totally a powder, but it had a powdery texture. And the Hello Kitty things taste kinda caramelly.
Keira also introduced me to mochi. It's not bad~ The ones we had were really small, maybe 2 bites. And they had a caramel filling. She froze them and we ate them frozen. They were interesting. Might try mochi again when it's semi-warm.

Ahhh~ One more day then I have a day off! Yay! I'm thinking of going to town and just loitering. I want to buy a new pair of shoes for Tokyo so that I won't be wearing just my flip-flops. I'd like to invest in a nice pair of flats. But, we'll see what happens. I'm hoping that I won't drop too much money in Sega World, but we'll see! Currently there's a typhoon raging outside. It's like a really intense wind and rain storm. The wind is freaking insane! It keeps blowing through the doors in the manor house and howling like crazy! I thought it'd be fun to go for a run last night when it was just setting in. Not so much. Angel and I power walked/ran for about 15 minutes, then she went in. It was so foggy outside that I saw better without my glasses! And me being the genius I am, I thought I'd take them off and hang them on my running shirt. They fell, of course. But, they didn't break! Just a small chip on the bottom left lense. Yep. Good work, Ashley. Oh well. At least they didn't break and I got a bit of running in. Yay~

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