Saturday, August 27, 2011

The cuteness nearly killed me.

Went to town with Angel today. We had a nice day~ Decided to dress up all cutesy and it was fun. We ran into Sarah (one of the teachers) and Yukiko outside when we left the staff house. Sarah was sweet enough to take a few photos for me.

 We had to ask Helen something before we left, so when we went into the Manor House the Japanese staff were all excited to see us all dressed up. Akiko got a picture of us and we got a picture with Helen.
So, after getting that all sorted, we hopped onto the bus. Its such a LOOONG ride! For serious. It's hard to stay awake! Martin was sitting in front of me, and he had brought a book. Treasure Island, for those who are curious. I'll have to start bringing my Kobo with me. God, I love that thing. It's so convenient. Ahaha.

We hopped off the bus at the station and started shuffling off to Aeon. I was really excited to go, since Angel's always going on about that place. The weather held for the walk over and people kept saying 'Kawaiii' as we walked by. (Kawaii = cute) When we got there, we made a beeline for the food area. We had skipped breaky, and we were hungry. Lol. The original plan was to get McDonalds, but the line was HUUUGE and the Happy Meal toy wasn't anything good anyway, so we went to KFC. It was pretty tasty! Whole wheat buns! It made me all happy!
After lunch, we just walked about. Went to Honey's and I've decided that I want to buy half the store. True story. So much cute everyday wear! Lovelove! They had 'Michigan University' sweaters there. Had I the yen, I would SO have bought one and sent it home. Just for giggles. It was pretty random. Lol. 

So, after that we went upstairs and I saw the AMAZINGNESS that is Paddy's. Oh mai gawd. DAT STORE! The cuteness nearly killed me. Sooo muuuuch cuuute stuffff! Hnnnng. I need the entire store in my life. True story. Like, everything. Just wrap it all up for me, plzkthx. Hand towels, purses, stationary, bento things, hair things, Disney, Sanrio, San-X, miscellaneous. OMG. So amazingly adorable. That place is gonna be murder for my paycheck. I just know it. 

After Paddy's, we went and took a look at the gachapon area. They had like a billion machines all in a row. Lots of cute things. Angel got a Mickey shaped ghost from the Disney Halloween one. I wanted to get one from the Popples machine, but alas no money. While we were perusing an older lady came up and was making a fuss over how cute we looked. It was really nice. She asked if we would mind saying hello to her daughter too, and after we said that's fine she went and got her. And then they both fussed and called us cute. They were really sweet and it was a cute moment.

We did purikura, too! New favourite thing ever! I love it! And we had a lot of fun decorating them. XD

Yeah! Baka couple! XD That's us! Goood times.We walked by a bunch of UFO catchers while looking around and Angel was nice enough to give me 100yen to try my luck at one. And I won! Yaaay! It's a cute pink and brown raccoon! I looove it!
We went and got ice cream from Baskin Robbins after. We couldn't decide on whether we wanted the Popping Soda or the Happy Doll sundae, so we got one of each and shared. XD

Adorable AND tasty! Hell yeah! Although, I don't like the jelly things they put in the bottom of the cup of soda. They look cute, but they have a really strange texture. It's like a gummy crunch. Or something. Like, it reminded me of like, biting someone. As weird as that sounds. o___o; I guess that's my inner vampire talking, but yeah. Weird texture. Won't be eating them again. The soda and ice cream were good, though~

After the ice cream portion of our date, we were pretty much done with Aeon. Lol. It was a billion degrees in there, I might add! I was melting! So, we went on our merry way and decided to walk to the opposite side of Shirakawa and go to Off House and Mega Stage. Off House is FANTASTIC! Like a cooler Value Village. Amazing. And not bad for pricing. It had figures, and toys, and yukata and cute shirts and skirts and wooo. 

We really only went to Mega Stage to buy yarn and groceries for Angel. Helen's going to be teaching a class on how to crochet and make amigurumi, so we bought some cute yarn at Daiso. Angel bought some groceries at the store and we stopped at Doutor for a snack before heading back. 

Yep~ Iced cocoa and a chicken curry sammich. We just split one sammich. Although, Angel ordered it without tomatoes. Sadface. It was still pretty tasty, though! It had a good amount of spicyness to it and there were raisins in it to balance out the taste. At first I was weirded out by seeing raisins in my sammich, but it worked. Iced cocoa, however, does NOT go well with a chicken curry sammich. I won't be repeating that. Iced cocoa isn't baaad, but it's not my favourite. Oh well. Now I know.

So, we walked back to the bus at this point. We got there quite early, so I fiddled with my camera until we left.
I slept most of the way home. Lots of waling and a long bus ride made for a tired Ashley. Angel and I went for dinner and it was like weird hamburger stuff, so we ate some salad and rice. And I discovered that they make potato salad for the staff! It tasted amazing! Not as good and mum or Terry's, but still good. We ended up going to the pub after for 'pizza'. It's like a flatbread with cheese, tomato and a little sauce. Good for a snack. And I chatted with Yuta about Kingdom Hearts. He looove its apparently! Yay! I have a buddy to geek about KH with up here! :D

After that, we went to Sarah's and planned out our trip to Tokyo. Booked our hotel and decided that we're going to Ninja on the 10th for dinner. It's a Ninja themed restaurant. Like, they dress and act like ninja's and the restaurant is decorated and arranged like a ninja village. I can't wait! *____________*

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