Sunday, August 14, 2011

Only a few more days!

Dear Apartment,
Please pack yourself.
Love Ashley and David ♥

Good lord, how I hate packing. True story. Can't stand it. We're making some progress, but still. I wish I could just snap my fingers and have a fully packed apartment. Bah.

So, we fly out on THURSDAYOMG!
I'm quite excited, can't lie. I bought one of them fancy Kobo e-readers and it's my new favourite thing in life. Lovelove.
Hopefully that'll keep me amused on the plane. That is, if I'm not sleeping. Can't lie~ The official plan is to just sleep the whole way. I figure a good round of sleep deprivation plus a gravol or two once we leave Dallas and I'll be good to go. Ahaha.

Angel's already got plans for us once we arrive. I think we'll get to British Hills with enough time to drop our bags off, have me change super quick into a yukata and then we're off to a hanabi in a neighbouring city. I'm super excited. I looove fireworks. Especially fireworks that last for over an hour! And they're apparently amazing, too! *_______________*

Oh well. Back to packing, I suppose. I just wanted to update the blog and update the layout a bit. I think it's cute. I'll change the photo's to my own once I start taking photos in Japan. In the meantime though, they've been lovingly taken from my tumblr.

Only a few more days! Wooo! *fistpump*

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