Friday, August 26, 2011

"Oh, Ashley, I can't get over you sitting in the boot!"

Well, my first day on the job was on the 24th. Went pretty well. I had to do a Manor Hour Tour yesterday, though. o___o; It didn't go very well. I speak toooo fast. I have to work on slowing down. It's really quiet at the desk for some of the day. Angel was with me this morning, so we chatted a lot. And cracked jokes. And quoted the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series. Ahaha. Yes. We're awesome.

We went to karaoke Wednesday night in Aizu. Good times. I drove down with Tomo. He's a sweetheart. And a crazy driver. Seriously. Everyone who works on the mountain seems to drive like a maniac. 80km an hour, driving down a windy, twisty mountain. And the roads are narrow. And one lane each. We'd make a sharp turn and end up half in the other lane. o__o; The one time we did that, we saw another car approaching us. Slightly scary. Ahaha. But, it was a fun drive. It was thunder storming, and since we're at the top of a mountain, I could see lightning striking the peaks of the other mountains on the area. Reeeally cool! So, we chatted a lot about just random stuff. Music we like, anime, games and whatnot. He talked about his desire to come to Canada to go skiing and snowboarding. And talked about Tokyo and how big it is and how he loves big cities and I don't. XD

We ended up getting to karaoke before everyone else, so we parked and waited. He asked me after a minute or two if I wanted a drink and I said tea would be great. So, he gets out of the (still running) car and walks off. Three minutes later he comes back with a big bottle of iced tea for me. It was really sweet. No picture, though. Forgot. Oops!

So, it was a lot of fun! My first ever karaoke experience! Angel was working, but Zoe, Helen, Gwen, Eriko, Tomo and Tatsuru all went. And all the gaijin staff (except me) were drunk. Lol. Helen gets reeeally loud when drunk. And Zoe's just hilarious. Zoe insisted on taking a picture of me imitating Hatsune Miku, like Angel.

I also tried to take a picture of Zoe and I. I'm awful at taking photo's of myself like this. I always tend to crop people out. Ahaha. XD

So, we were there for about 2 hours. I sang a few songs~ One in English and a few in Japanese. (Edge of Seventeen was my English pick.) We also all sang along with the others, so it was a big chorus of singers at some points. I forgot to take pictures, but Zoe snagged my camera and took some.

 I love to make goofy faces for pictures. Ahaha. Zoe's ridiculously photogenic, though. True story. Every photo I've seen with her in it almost always looks amazing. And I have no idea what Helen's doing with that maraca. And I really don't wanna know, anyway. XD And the other photo is of Tomo.

After karaoke, it was time to go home. Since Tomo lives in Aizu, he wasn't going back to BH. So Tatsuru had to drive us all. And he only had room for 4 girls, not 5. So, I sat in the trunk. Lol. And Tatsuru's a crazy driver, too! Good times. Lol. Zoe was especially amused that I was "sitting in the boot". She'd look back at me and giggle and say, "Oh, Ashley, I can't get over you sitting in the boot!" It was funny, though. XD

Angel and I are going to town tomorrow. I'm gonna go to Aeon for the first time ever. Apparently it's OMG amazing. XD And we're gonna get a giant parfait. Lol. We watched Wicked last night. Like, a fan camera version of Kristen Chenoweth's last performance as Galinda. It makes us really want to see it live. They're performing it in Nagoya, I think. So, we may go see it. It'll be Japanese, but we watched the English version already, so we'll get the gist.

Oh yeah~ We were asked to be on TV today. I guess some morning show was filming in BH and they asked us to say something in Japanese and look cute. I think it was just "Come to Fukushima ENJOY!" ...I think. We looked cute, though~ The cameramen seemed to like us. :D That was the excitement of the day. Lol. It was pretty boring day. Played lots of solitaire. Might bring my e-reader with me tomorrow. Lol. And oooooh~ It was curry day today! And holy hell! It was PACKED! We went down for lunch early today, at about 12pm. And it was really feeding time at the zoo! Like, no seats. David had today off, so he came to lunch with us and we had to wait for him to get a seat! Craaazy. It was really yummy, though! Although, I missed Terry and how she always talks when she makes curry. Curry isn't the same without Terry~~~

Anywho, thats about all the exciting things that's happened so far. I'll take loads of pictures tomorrow! :D

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