Sunday, August 21, 2011

David loves the soup, FYI.

So, continuing the story of our first day~

We got here and got our bags dropped off. And then, we went for a quick lunch in the staff house. David loves the soup, FYI. Its his new favourite food. Angel was introducing us to random people as we went. Its cute~ Everyone already knew us and they kept exclaiming on how alike Angel and I are. Lol. So, after lunch we ran back to our rooms. Kyoko came up and helped me into my yukata. Angel loaned me her mint one. It was pretty.

A group of us went down to the Hanabi festival together. It was in Shukugawa, so we had to take the train. Fun times. We waited at the station for like, 20 minutes and just joked around.

And that is the only full picture I have. Good work, me. 8D

So, we walked around for a bit in Shukugawa. Lots of stalls had been setup and they had all kinds of festival food and whatnot.

I tried Yakisoba and Melonpan. Gwen bought the melonpan for me. And it was fresh, too! Oh Melonpan~~~Where have you been all my life? D: ♥♥♥♥ The yakisoba was pretty tasty, too.

Totally flattering picture of me. Lol. It's just like, fried noodles with thinly sliced pickled ginger and cabbage and onion or something. Its totally yummy. ♥♥
Angel got a crepe and it was pretty tasty as well! And Gwen got a giant dango and takoyaki (octopus pieces cooked in battered balls). I wanted to try it, but I wasn't feeling brave enough. Lol.

So, everyone must've gotten there like SUPER early, because almost every square foot of concrete in this shops parking lot was taken. That was the best place to view, apparently. So, we walked about and attempted to find us a spot. We found a small piece of land and settled in. No one had remembered to bring a tarp or anything, so we sat on shopping bags for about 5 minutes. A really sweet elderly lady came over and offered us her tarp at that point. It was really sweet. Angel and I had to go use the bathrooms and we bought her a pack of fresh donuts as a thank you while we were out. We were gone about maybe 15 minutes and in that time we had managed to upgrade. Lol. We presented the donuts to the lady and she was reluctant to take them at first, but seemed very grateful and eventually took them. She was really sweet. :)
So, we walked back to the tarp and noticed that the tarp and the other weren't there. Lol. We then noticed them sitting on a big green tarp about 4-5 times the size of the other. "We upgraded" was what Keira told us when we asked. Lol. A nice guy named Matsumoto-san loaned it to use, since he wasn't using it. Really nice. :)

The fireworks were pretty, too! Although, it started to rain right as the fireworks started! And they weren't like, continuous. They'd fire off about 1-4 minutes of fireworks. Then talk about them for like 5 minutes. Kinda annoying. And I was still fighting my headache at that point, so I was really angry about it. Lol. They were pretty impressive, though!

Sorry for the crap photos. My camera sucks at night photos. Lol. Still, pretty snazzy. So, once the fireworks were over, we just kinda walked around for about an hour. We ended up getting a taxi to take us home from the Shukugawa station. Good thing, too. The station was PACKED. Like, CRAAAAZY. It was insane! But, we got the cab at 10pm and I slept the whole way home! It's like an hour and a half I think from BH. And I was just a zombie at the end of the night. We got home, and I didn't even have the energy to take a shower! I just changed into my PJ's and hopped right into bed. Lol.

And as for today, it's mostly just moving in and getting settled. My room is almost done. Just gotta move a few things about, but for the most part I'm done. David and I are probably gonna take turns between who's room we'll be sleeping in. Lol. My room last night, his room tonight. I hope his bed is more comfy than mine. My back was sooo sore this morning when I woke up!

But, Angel gave us the tour and tomorrow we go register at the Tenei Village Office with Kyoko. Good times. As for me, right now I'm going to get back to unpacking. Woo. XD

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