Monday, August 22, 2011

It was super crazy omg amazing.

So, I got myself all situated last night. My room feels a bit more like my room. Decorated and whatnot.
 Yep. Feels all homey and schtuff. Experience my first aftershock this morning. It was like maybe 3 seconds long. I heard the wood creaking and it felt like a kitten jumped up on the bed. Thats it. Quite small. My figures wiggled a bit, too. Thats how I knew it was an aftershock.
So, we went to town today. Got registered at the Tenei Village office thing. And Angel took us shopping afterwards. Wen went to this small little restaurant for lunch. It had THE BEST fried rice and gyoza I've ever eaten. True story. So amazingly good. OMG.


After lunch we stopped in at Black Shop. OH MAI GAWD. O_________________________O
SOOO much geekery! It's AMAZING! Terry would probably die from the anime geekyness this place exudes. It was super crazy omg amazing. I bought a cute figure of Patty-chan from Lucky Star. She was the gaijin character and she was freaking adorable. My favourite character, actually. XD

The other figure is a blind box toy from Pretty Cure. I got it from 7-11. XD

So, after Black Shop we mosied on over to Mega Stage. We bought a few things at the Daiso store. It's amazing~~~ And it's SMELLS like a dollar store. You know how they have a kinda smell to them? Yeah~ Daiso smelled the same. Weeeird. And we went into SEGA WORLD! I tried a few things and didn't win a damn thing! >[ Booooooooo! Angel won a black plush bunny, though. It's made by the same people who made Gloomy Bear. Cuuute. We did some Purikura, too!

Fun times. We hopped to the book store after and wandered about. Found a few photobooks I wanted to buy, but had no money. DAMN YOU Sega World! So, I'll be buying them at a later date~ After the book store, we went to the grocery store. Angel bought a few things and I bought some powdered Milk Tea, a GIANT pack of chocolate Pocky and I bought the cutest baked goods know to man.

Why yes. That IS indeed a Totoro baked good! Sooooo cuuute! ;___; I haven't eaten it yet, though. Gonna have it for breaky. The other one is a turtle. It was the only one left, so I bought it so it wouldn't be alone. Ahaha. We walked about after that. Saw the imported food store and walked back. Bought a sammich and an onigiri at the train station. The sammich was yakisoba and mayonnaise filled. If it was JUST the yakisoba it would've been ok, but with the mayo it kinda killed it. Yick. The onigiri was ok, though. There wasn't any filling, but it had furikake all mixed in and small pieces of what I think was crab. Not bad~

I guess it's the interns last night tonight, so we're all going to the pub to hang out with them before they leave. I don't intend to drink, but I'll go and be social~ They're all really nice, anyway. The only one I've really chatted with was Jun and he's a sweetie. Angel should be here inb a minute and I still have to change, though. So, later days!

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