Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh, poor mum. She's going to have kittens when I don't call her on time!

So, we made it! :D

The flight over was pretty good. Although, we had a 5 HOUR delay! It was awful. D: We didn't sleep at all the night before. We hopped to the airport at like 3am. And we got through customs and baggage check and whatnot pretty easily. Although, funny story. David's bags were heavier than mine! We actually had to unpack his one suitcase right there at baggage check and repack it into mine. It was pretty funny. Lol. Had breakfast and ate the most delicious ham sammich EVER. Seriously, so good. And I got my crazy green Odwalla juice.

 Seriously, it tastes like sunshine! And it has 2.8 fruit/veggie servings! Yum yum! So, we left Toronto on time and it was a pretty easy flight. Slept a little and just kinda chilled. Although, we got the ONLY seat on the plane WITHOUT a window! So, I couldn't even wave goodbye to the Motherland. *cry* ;___;
But yeah, flight from TO was pretty good.

Dallas was a different story. We didn't have far to go from our first flight to the other and it was easy to navigate. Dallas has a nice airport, actually. Very bright and nice looking. So, we get to the other gate and are hopping on board. Everythings fine and dandy. I pop a gravol and pull out my Disney World blanket and get all cuddled and settled-- And they come on and announce that we have to vacate the plane, as it's not fit to fly. Well, fuck.

We thought it would be just a quick little delay.



True story. Oh man, it sucked. So, we sat in the boarding area. On the floor, since the chairs we all taken. I promptly passed out on the floor. And about 2 hours into the delay they gave us food vouchers. So, we went and had lunch and went back and slept some more. At this point in the program, my brain clicked in and I thought, 'Oh, poor mum. She's going to have kittens when I don't call her on time!' But, the American payphones wouldn't take Canadian change. (Who'd have guessed?) And although they advertise that they take Visa, thats a lie. That didn't take it. So, we scrambled for a bit to try and find a way to call mum and finally we bit the bullet 30seconds before boarding and used David's cell phone. Ahaha. Good work team.

So, the flight over was pretty good. Very smooth for the most part and nothing really exciting happened. The food was ok. And they didn't have XM Radio, but they had like 'American Airlines Radio'. And they had a J-Pop channel. Arashi AND S/mileage on the same radio. Woah. Amazing. ...Not really. But, it was ok. I slept for a good chunk. They made everyone close their windows, so I didn't really see much. While we were flying we had a GPS monitor that showed how far we were from Narita and showed how many KM/Miles we had gone and needed to go and other pertinent info. Pretty cool~

Narita airport is so quiet! And clean! It was crazy! And they had banners with Ninomiya Kazumnari all over the freaking place! No Aiba Masaki or Matsumoto Jun, though. I was pretty disappointed. Can't lie~ Ahahahaha. XD

Made it through customs pretty easily and everyone was super nice. We got to our hotel and it was pretty nice! The rooms were massive!

We even got adventurous and went and bought a drink from the vending machine. I got Natchan! Orange juice. Angel told me to. Lol.

 After getting drinks I skyped with dad for a few minutes. Was good to see him and let him know we were safe. And then, I called mum~~~ And got the ANSWERING MACHINE! >[
For shame, matriarch! I am so disappointed in youuuu! >P
...Not really. Ahaha. But still. XD

Slept like the dead that night. We forgot to set our alarm, but thank god we woke up at 7:30. Lol. We rushed to have a shower and check out. We took the shuttle to Narita Airport again and hopped to the train station. And I nearly killed some poor woman. True story. We had all these HEAVY bags, right? And they only had escalators. ;___; And I hate going down them to begin with! So, I put my one suitcase on a stair and it slipped. And fell all the way down. Some lady had just gotten off when it started to fall, so really it wouldn't have hit her, but still. She was nice enough to grab it when it got to the bottom and looked all concerned at me and asked, "Daijoubu?" (Are you ok?) And I just nodded and said, "Daijoubu desu." (I'm ok.) And looked all apologetic. And she smiled nicely and nodded and walked off. I was totally embarrassed. I hadn't been in Japan for 24hours yet and already I had tried to kill someone. So, we're waiting for the train and just before it came in a lady who works in the train station came running up. I thought, Oh great. Now I'm gonna get yelled at because of the bag thing. Not so much. I, apparently, had forgotten my wallet in one of the bag carts at the top of the escalator. And she was kinda enough to run after me and give it to me. I was so happy she was able to get it to me in time. That would've SUCKED!

So, we board the train easy enough. Not many people got on at the airport, but as we traveled down the route more and more people got on. I felt kinda bad that we had taken up so much space with our stuff. I might add, that for a service called Narita Express to Tokyo it wasn't very express. It was more like, Narita Milk Run to Tokyo! We stopped a LOT. But, whatever. We got to Tokyo. And you know what there is in Tokyo station? STAIRS. Lots and LOTS of STAIRS! BAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! I could've cried. It was horrible. But, we managed. Although, David broke his one suitcase. The pully lever thing came right out. Dude, that sucked. We caught the shinkansen at 10:20 like planned and all was well.
Did I mention, it was the POKEMON TRAIN! :D

Yep. AMAZING~~~~
The Shinkensen trip was really smooth. It was very nice. Saw a lot of the countryside and whatnot that way. And only 2 Arashi advertisements in all the stations we stopped at! I was disappointed, can't lie. But, we made it safely to Shin-Shirakawa. And the British Hills bus waited for us until we got there. Yay~ The ride up the mountain was pretty long. And after travelling for so long, I was starting to get motion sickness. I just didn't want to travel anymore. Migraine and nausea added made for a pretty crap first few hours. Lol.

But, all was well when we got to British Hills. We got off the bus and Angel was-- Nowhere to be seen. I was sad. XD
So, I walked inside the Manor House to see if she was on desk and no, she wasn't. One of the Japanese ladies (can't remember who) called her and no answer. I was just beginning to think about exploring and I hear an "AAAAASH" from outside. So, I run to the door and we did a slow motion run. Well, not really. But, we totally slammed into each other and hugged. Kodak moment right there~

Good lord, this is a long entry! Sorry for writing a novel! XD

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