Thursday, August 18, 2011

O Hai Thar Airport

So, I'm sitting in a Fairfield Inn near the TO Airport right now.

Excuse me a moment.



Well then~ Now that THAT'S out of the way, here I am, sitting in a --wait. I did that part already. Well, nothing to report yet, really. The hotel's less than stellar and I'm trying to adjust my body clock to Japan time. So, no sleep tonight. But, I'll sleep on the plane. With or without the aid of some gravol that's stashed in my purse.

So, I watched Wicked last night for the first time. It was magical. (Ahahahaha.) But true story, it was amazing. I watched a fancam recording of Kristen Chenoweth's last show as Galinda. And it was fab. Lovelovelove. Gonna make Angel watch it when we get there. Seeing as we're learning the music, it only makes sense. Ahaha.

Aside from that, nothing else to report. No pictures. Sorry. Although, I guess I COULD have taken a photo of the airport. Its freaking busy! We were watching the planes come in and take-off while we had dinner tonight. Mum found it especially amusing how people just kinda sit outside the gates and watch it. Like, as in they brought a camera and a blanket and set themselves up for a good long day of plane watching. It was pretty ridiculous. XD

Well, here's hoping we have a smooth flight. I'll check in once we land! :D

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