Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So, our adventure began on Thursday night. (AKA Tokyo Part 1)

Oh hey! I have a blog! My bad~ I forgot! 8D;;;

So, got back from Tokyo yesterday. And can I just say, my feet were SOOOOOOOOOOOORE! Like, crazy sore. They still hurt! But, then again, its my own fault for wearing daiso store flip flops all weekend. Oh well. Live and learn. Tokyo was a billion degrees, too! Freaking hooot!

So, our adventure began on Thursday night. We took the staff bus into Shirakawa at about 6:15pm, so we got into town at about 7:30ish. The bus didn't come until 11:55pm. Yup. So, we went for food. We ended up going to DohTonBori. Its an okonomiyaki place. Okonomiyaki is kinda like a cabbage omlette/pancake. You get to choose the toppings and you mix it up and cook it at your table. You put barbacue sauce and mayonaise on it too. And chopped up green stuff. No clue what it was. But it tasted good. We got the 3 meat kind. It was freaking delicious! I've also discovered that I loooove melon soda! David does as well. <3

So, after that we had a bunch of time still, so we went for a walk. We had left our luggage at the station in a locker, so we weren't dragging it all about Shirakawa, thank god. We ended up deciding that we wanted dessert, so we headed towards Mega Stage. I was hoping Mister Donut would be open, since it's supposed to be awesome. Sadly, as it was after 10 when we got there we were out of luck. Clooosed. But, the grocery store was open, so we went and bought ice cream. I got a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. With a chocolate cone. Yum. And only 87yen. Bargain!

We sat and ate our ice cream, and then we went and bought drinks. I would've given my kingdom for milk tea. I had bought something inside the store, and I remember it was horrible. Don't quite remember what it was, Maybe black, cold coffee? Whatever. It was bad. So, I quickly disposed of it and scanned the vending machines for a can of milk tea. And score! They had some. Yatta! We stumbled over to Sega World at this point, because we had time. Angel won me a Miss Bear plushy! She's got a matching one. I think I'll name mine Mimi. And we did purikura. David didn't wanna do it, so he just waited. Party pooper. It was the type of purikura that gave free stuff, too! So, now I have a cute little emergency kit for my purse.

 So, after this we went back to the station to wait. We got there at about 11, and the station closed at 11:30, so we waited inside until they kicked us out. Ahahah. We sat there and watched an episode of Azumanga Daioh on my laptop. Yup. We're awesome. We waited outside for the bus and it was pretty dark. The station lights were almost all turned off. Kinda creepy. The bus was exactly on time, though! And we were the last stop, so we just hopped right on. We had the entire back row to ourselves, which was nice. It was the worst sleep of my life, though. True story. I curled up against David and expected to pass right out. NO. That did NOT happen. The back of the bus was a horrible idea, apparently. There's a reason why no one booked those tickets. We felt ALL the potholes like woah. The bus was constantly jerking and bumping and it was horrid. I think I slept a grand total of 10 minutes? Yeah.

But, whatever. We got to Shinjuku station safe and sound. At 5am. Yep. We hopped the train to Ikebukuro and dropped out luggage off at the Sakura Hotel. We all freshened up a bit and changed, and then it was off to Harajuku. We made a pit stop for breakfast, though. We ate at the McDonalds across from the Ikebukuro station. It was funny. McD's tastes exactly the same over here. Kinda weird. XD

Took a few pictures of the station area, too. They had shrubbery owls! Eeeeeeeeeee! Sooo cute! And I saw an Arashi banner, so I clicked a picture. Ahahahaha. Only 3 of them are on that banner, but whatever. Oh, here's a photo of the station. At like 6:45am.

So, we boarded the train and hopped off to Harajuku. It was blazingly hot. Since it was still early, like 7am, we just kinda walked about. Took some pictures of Takeshita street. Since there was no one around, I took some shop photos.

Takashita street! OMGOMGOMG!
Why yes~ There WAS a Tamagotchi themed donut shop in the area!
It was like a good luck Hello Kitty. I HAD to take a photo!
A 3-story Daiso store. Eat your heart out, dad.
Cutest freaking store ever. Seriously.
Random music store. It had a poster for an Arashi concert DVD that showed Aiba in a schoolgirl cosplay. I laughed my ass off and promptly snapped a photo.
The Bodyline shop~ It was huge on the inside!
Liz Lisa! <3
My favourite store EVER! I wish the clothes weren't so expensive!
Closet Child~~ Its like a second hand lolita store. You can find rare things for stupid cheap here.
No idea what the hell this was. It just had a funny name. XD
Hangy and Angry-F! I love that group!
This was on the side of the LaForet building. There was a bunch of random English (and Engrish) sayings.
 And with that, I'm going to go to bed. Lol. Sorry~ I spent today in the shop listening to Backstreet Boys and folding boxes. I am le tired. Harajuku part 2 coming tomorrow!

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