Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I brought some photos to placate you.

Oh hey there, blog. I kinda forgot about that date we had setup. I understand that you're angry with me. My bad. Hence, I brought some photos to placate you.

So, David and I went to town (AHAHAHA! No, srsly, tho~) a few days ago and I took some photos. We really only went into town to get off the mountain. It was awesome to have a day off together. :D David had never been to Aeon, so I took him. We did a LOOOT of walking that day. We walked to MegaStage to get lunch first.
Ah yeah~ Pork cutlet, rice, and a Fanta. The bento was awesome, even though we ate it cold. And it was cheap for the amount of food we got. The Fanta was disappointing, though. So, David switched me for his Coke. He's so gallant~ It must be love. <3

So, after MegaStage, we walked to Aeon which is on the other end of town. True story. And it was hooot in town! Like, the last hot day of the season. Two days later we were being rained on from that stupid typhoon. On the way to Aeon we thought we'd walk through the little park. Angel likes to go there to read. It seemed like a good idea.


That place is CRAWLING with spiders. SERIOUSLY. PUN INTENDED. It scared the crap out of me. David had to lead me out, because my eyes wouldn't leave the ground, I was so scared. Papa would've keeled over. No lie. I almost did. And the spiders in Japan and really creepy! Little bodies and long legs and like acid green in colour and eeeeeeeeeeeew. I'm all creeped out just thinking of the bastards! ;______;

So, we survived the park. (Somehow.) And wandered off to Aeon. David saw a cute Doraemon statue while we were walking, so I snapped a photo.
Aeon was fun. David doesn't like it. I think because it's like ALL girl stuff. Plus a grocery store in the basement and plus a few other small stores. Oh well.
Oh! That University of Michigan sweater was still there. XD Ahahahaha.

So, we decided to go back to MegaStage at this point and pick up a few groceries before we got back on the bus. Bought some yummy cookies (that lasted me all the way til today when David went back to the grocery store!) and some skinny Pocky, plus some juice. Vitamin Water is my new favourite thing ever. Its like watered down lemonade, but it has vitamins in it. (Who'd have thought with a name like that?) We splurged and got some ice cream, too.
David got the chocolate covered thing. I got the waffled thing. Mine was like, vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup in the middle covered ion a waffle-y shaped soft cone. Like, it tasted like a normal ice cream cone, but soft. It was really tasty! *_____*

Oh, there's a cute little brook that you walk over on the way to MegaStage. David asked me to take a photo, so here it is.
If you're lucky, you can see BIG koi fish in it sometimes!

But, aside from that all's quiet here. We got totally hammered by the typhoon. Like, four days of NON-STOP rain. It sucked. D: But, we're all dry now. Yay. Although, it was funny. In the middle of the worst part of the typhoon, I was chatting with my friend Kelly over Skype at night one time and then we had a really good earthquake. Ahahaha. It was excellent timing. Lol.

And our interns left! Sadface! They were all so cute and helpful! We had a leaving soiree for them in the pub and it was good times.
And yes, that head in the middle of the bottom was done on purpose. George was being a nut and decided he didn't want to be in the photos anyone took. Lol.

Anyway~ I'm going to an onsen with David and Keira tonight! We'll be gone for like 5 days! I'm sooo excited! I promise to post pictures when I come back!

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