Monday, July 16, 2012

And then everyone wanted lipstick. Even the boys.

...And as I was cleaning up my Japan Photo's folder, I realized that I didn't post my birthday party pictures! Oops. My bad.

For my birthday I asked everyone to dress up in an Alice in Wonderland themed outfit. Mum gave me the idea, as I'm sure she'll want you all to know~ Hahahaha. It was a great night! Had lots of fun! Everyone put a little effort into their outfits and it made me really happy. I especially liked Lucy as the Eat Me Cupcake.
 For those who don't know, Yuta seems to have an undying affection for molesting all the working holiday staff at BH. He seems to have a special affection for David.
Lucy made me cupcakes! And Aiden decorated them~ They were really tasty!
It was around the middle of the night when Sarah was reapplying her red lipstick and she came over and randomly kissed my cheek. And then everyone wanted lipstick. Even the boys.
And because it was my birthday, Zoe and Liam each bought me a shot. And both of them were disgusting. The first one was Bailey's, Midori and Peach Schnapps. Yuuuck. The second one was called a Squashed Frog. And it was congealed on the bottom or something. Absolutely horrible. And it didn't help that the shot glasses in our pub are like double sized. I did both, though. Didn't feel any different. I guess I have a pretty good alcohol tolerance.
I might add I was thoroughly spoiled.I didn't take photos, but I was given some very nice gifts. (Like the last of the honey strawberry tea! Yay! Saving that for a special occasion.) And Natsuki drew me the cutest card. I love it. I pinned it to my corkboard.

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