Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's one of those crazy porta-shrine things.

So, this evening I went to a firefly festival! It was a lot of fun! BH offered a firefly festival package for this evening and a few guests took part. David, Natsuki, Brad and I all went. And since it was a festival, Natsuki and I wore yukata! David wore his 'ManKata', too!

To start, we drove to Yumoto and had a quick history lesson. It seems that in Yumoto the only people who live there have the last name of Hoshi or Koyama. (Meaning, Takako and George-san live there!) And we walked around and admired the old style houses. We took a small rest inside one of the houses and I spotted one of those cute pig bug repellent things. They're kinda cute so I took a picture! I really kinda want one!
After our rest it was time to go out and watch the shrine move past. It's one of those crazy porta-shrine things. I can't remember the name. It was interesting to watch! The men carrying it all seemed to be a little tipsy, but they were really cheerful and fun!
They stopped for a bit infront of us and then proceeded to drink more! There was free beer being passed around and they would drink some, then toss the dregs in the air. (Nothing landed on us, thank god.) And then came the sake! They started passing out paper cups to everyone and pouring them a little sake each. I was too polite to refuse, so I just accepted. They apparently hand it out to wish good fortune and health or something like that. I only got a mouthful in my cup, but David's was half full! I took a sip and passed it off to Takako. Hahaha. And then, it was time for them to move again!
After they walked off, we hopped back into the van and drove over to a nearby field. Armed with flashlights, we hopped out and started walking around looking for fireflies. There were so many! And so cute, too! Little dots of light all floating about. It was amazing. I wish I could've taken photos!

And then it was time to come home. It was a great night! And I'm kinda proud~ I dressed myself and tied my own obi! And it doesn't look too bad!

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