Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's time for the obligatory Refectory Dinner Picture post!

So, Tonya's birthday was last weekend. She had a Barbie themed party and a refectory dinner. I was tardy to the party (thanks work!) so I have no photos of that. It was a good night, though~

But, you know what time it is! It's time for the obligatory Refectory Dinner Picture post! Yay! Wooo! Cheer! I can tell you're all gripping your keyboards in excitement. So, here we go~

To start, David was late because the dinner was at 6pm and he didn't get off work until 6. So, I saved him a  seat across from me. I got to sit with Belinda, whom I love and adore. She's a doll. It was nice to sit with her~
I wanted interesting pictures of us and this is what I got. XD
Michie-san had bought Tonya some sparkling wine for her birthday and she shared it with all of us. I had about a tablespoon sized portion, just to be polite. I chose the seafood free menu and it looked like it would be an interesting meal.
The first course was a pureed white asparagus thing. The taste was ok, but it seriously was like eating baby food. True story. It was kinda gross. I kinda wish they just served us some nice steamed asparagus instead. But, I guess this was more fancy~
And then it was on to fois gras. Now, last time I had refectory dinner I discovered that I wasn't a big fan of it. But, I gave it another shot. It had weird clear gelatin stuff on top. Kinda weird. And just like last time, I didn't care for it. Oh well~ David ate it for me. Woo. HE got some really nice maple smoked salmon and he gave me a taste. It was yummy. He wouldn't trade, though. XD OH! And on my plate there was a pickled beet! I FINALLY tried them! It wasn't bad~ Maybe I'll have some when I go home next.
After that it was a consomme soup. That was really nice! Light and tasty! We had it when we had our dinner with Keira.
And then it was time for chicken! Yummmmm~ It was grilled chicken with a cheese sauce. I honestly thought it was Cheese Whiz when I saw it! Ahahaha. It tasted MUCH nicer, though. It was so tasty that I initially forgot to take a photo. I managed to remember before I ate it all. Ahahaha.
Then, the sorbet made it's appearance. Now, I LOVE sorbet. Especially the mint sorbet they serve at BH. usually they change the sorbet up, but the last 3 dinners I've had have been mint. I'm not complaining, though. It's reeeeally nice. David's not a fan of mint, so he gave me his. SCORE!
And then, it was time for the main event~ ROAST BEEF! *__________* Soooooo good. It's always amazing. Perfectly cooked and delicious! And they carve it at your table, which is always amusing. It's funny seeing them wear the big hat. Ahaha. But, yummmmmm. It was sooo nice. Totally worth the price of admission.
Last came dessert~ Wild Berry Chocolate Surprise. What a fancy title for a plain dessert. It was little cubes of yogurt or plain cheesecake with a berry inside each. And the only chocolate piece has raspberry sauce inside. I wish there was more chocolate, but whatcha gonna do.
With dessert finished, we all went our separate ways. Tonya and Charlotte left early to go to another party and we all wandered over to pub. I spent the rest of my evening just chatting it up with Belinda. It was nice~

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